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Working Together


Melanie understands the importance of helping all parties understand what the hoof is telling us and takes the time to share her knowledge. In reading the hoof wear patterns, ridges or grooves, cracks, flaring, etc, she will explain how these tell tale signs are interconnected to health of your animal.


Wear Patterns:  

Highlight that a horse is not moving correctly, balanced and straight. 


Ridges and Grooves:

Indication of metabolic distress usually caused by an imbalance in minerals in hay/forage, or an overload of carbohydrates (sugar in sweet feed, pasture grasses, treats, high sugar hay etc).

Chipping "Shelly" Hoof Walls:

A result of deficiency of Zinc and Copper 

The health of the horse's hoof is an indication of the health of the whole body!

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