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Hoof Plan


From rehabilitation to continued maintenance, not all feet are created equal. There may be permanent bone damage, and some animals may never achieve a thick healthy sole. They will need hoof protection for the rest of their lives (even if it's just while riding). Melanie will work with the owner, and veterinarian, in the best interest of the animal to develop a long term plan and approach. 

The hoof is the window to how healthy (or unhealthy) all the other cells in the horse's body are. The bones, hair, muscle, skin, etc are all comprised of animal cells that your equine produces, and therefore we can look to the strength and health of the hoof as a little window to the health of all the other cells! If the hoof is falling apart, you can be guaranteed that is not the only part of your horse that is in serious trouble. Proper nutrition is paramount to achieving a strong, and healthy hoof. Minerals should be balanced to the hay (or pasture) that the animal is eating. Melanie can help you get your hay or pasture tested, and use the results to determine a custom diet and supplement plan. It is all about balance!

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